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We work with visionary leaders who believe a peaceful, healthy and successful world is possible and who are committed to taking an active part in changing cultures to build better futures for the next generation of leaders.

With over 20 years expertise in organisational development, we have created the 'Whole-Person Authentic Life' education Leadership model - educating leaders to connect the power of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through our Leadership Programmes and our Young Leaders Foundation, we show the connections to the ‘ripple effect’ - how workplaces impact directly on society’s well-being and the impact of what leaders do or don’t do, has on the integration of health, peace and success.  We work to help organisations build whole cultures steadily and sustainably where profits AND individual well-being matters.





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Building whole & functional cultures through Visionary Leaders

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The Visionary Leadership Foundation develops the next generation of leaders with the skills and opportunities to build a healthy, successful and peaceful world

Our approach is simple yet deep.  We teach the skills, knowledge and process that build the real roots of empowering authentic potential and the real success measures - great results, relationships, collaboration, good decisions, health, fulfilment, creativity and leave a positive legacy. 



At Visionary Leadership we have a team of leadership facilitators with over 20 years expertise – we work with individual leaders and teams in a wide range of industries including marketing, HR, manufacturing and the health service in the UK, US and Europe. 



Whole-Person Authentic Life Leadership Coaching Course


Do you want to be a Coach at work?

Maybe you want to set up a coaching practice?  Or, to influence future leaders by sowing the seeds of new cultures and teaching at our Young Leaders Foundation?


To find out more and to register your interest on our next programme, call us on +447831758674

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