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Whole-Person Authentic Life Education Model



The Whole-Person Authentic Life Education model is a deep

yet simple and effective model, addressing the real roots

of fulfilment and potential.  The results are the skills to

make quality decisions, achieve good results, have health 

and fulfilment, be creative, collaborative, have great

relationships and to leave a positive legacy.


The key modules of the Whole-Person Authentic Life Education Model:


•Knowing your authentic purpose

•How to be whole and in balance in all areas of life - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual

•How to have a proactive vision that honours your authenticity and how to take balanced

          steps to bring it into reality

•Developing the toolkit of life – emotional literacy, learning, blocks and solution seeking



We run corporate leadership coaching programmes throughout the year as well as one-to-one programmes specifically tailored for organisations and individual leaders.  


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