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Young Leaders Foundation

At our foundation we bring together current leaders and

philanthropists to work in partnership as advocates to

provide training and internship to young leaders within

our communities.  Young leaders learn and use the

Whole-Person Authentic Life Education model over

12 months and receive coaching to sow the seeds of

functional cultures back into an organisation


Interested to know more about how you can use your skills and knowledge to have an impact on the next generation of leaders?  We are currently recruiting new members to join our Young Leaders Advocate Club.  You can help by:


1.Join an advocate group. Learn the Whole-Person Authentic Life Education model and coach an individual or a group of young leaders on a chosen project eg: ethnical business foundations, using the Whole-Person Authentic Life Education model to address inequalities in education system


2.Fund us directly as a sponsor to train a young leader for 12 months in the Whole-Person Authentic Life Education model.  You will receive access to the Whole-Person materials, two places on our training and a regular newsletter on leadership skills


3.Provide a 12-18 month internship for the young leader to sow the seeds of whole functional cultures in your organisation


4.Buy one of our core products from the Visionary Leadership Corporation (Whole-Person Authentic Life Education training, Supervision for Leaders, Organisational Health check or train to become a Whole-Person coach)



30% of your fee goes towards the sponsoring young leaders at the foundation)


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